CBCT Guided Implant SurgeryCBCT Guided Implant Surgery

Dental cone beam computed tomography or CBCT, is used in a variety of orthodontic treatments including dental implants. Upper Thornhill Dental Care performs CBCT Guided Implant Surgeries to provide more accurate, efficient and safe dental implants to all our patients.

What is a CBCT?

A Cone beam CT is scanning equipment that takes a full mouth x-ray in a single scan. The procedure is painless and will take anywhere from 30 seconds to a minute. This produces a 3-D image of the patient’s dental structure including teeth, bone, gums and nerves. The CBCT images provides ample information for more precise planning and treatment.

Benefits of CBCT Guided Dental Implant Surgery

Cone Beam CT provides detailed images of the entire mouth. This includes a complete view of your mouth, bone and nerves and eliminates guesswork. This allows for optimal placement of the implants in terms of width and the depth, ensuring a safer surgery.

CBCT guided dental implants are also more predictable. Using the 3-D images of the patients teeth, gums and bones, the dentist will be able to predict what the implant will look like. With the x-ray your dentist can show you a clear image of the end result once the procedure is done.

CBCT Guided Implant Surgery is also much more efficient. What used to take a couple of hours can now be done in less time. Having the CBCT images means everything is figured out even before the surgery begins. With the help of the CBCT, dental implant surgery is done more accurately and efficiently.

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